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The new color features a waist cord that matches the color of the body, and the fabric has been updated to be even more flexible and softer than the previous model.
These short leggings have a total of 10 multi-functional pockets, six around the waist and four on the sides, making them ideal for long road races and trail running, where you'll need to carry a lot of items.
The custom-made drawstring brass parts stand out against the sporty material, creating a luxurious feel.
The waist drawstring can also be passed through the inside depending on your preference.
The men's and women's versions have different silhouettes and details, and the men's version has double fabric in the front U-stitch area to ensure it does not interfere with the silhouette.

Model height: 174cm Wearing size: M

Product Spec

  • Material

    Polyester: 83%, Polyurethane: 17%
  • Function

    Anti-transparency / UV cut
  • Country of origin

  • Size

    SIZE Total Length inseam waist Crossing width hem width
    S. 40 18.6 60 twenty one 16
    M. 42 19.6 64 twenty two 17
    L. 44 20.6 68 twenty three 18
    XL 47 22.1 74 twenty five 20

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